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E-Book - Things You Must Know Before Starting a Business

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I am always the first phone call when people I know want advice on starting a business. They want to know what the first step in starting a business is. They also want to know all of the next steps as well. My new E-book called “Things You Must Know Before Starting a Business” gives you the information you need before you take the plunge and start your own business. Most importantly, this book identifies not only the things I did right, but much more importantly identifies the things that I did wrong when I started the many businesses I started. I only wish someone told me these things before I started a business. I would have saved thousands.

People I know call me because they know I have over 25 years experience in owning retail, manufacturing and service companies and they want to draw from that experience. I don’t blame them, I wish I had a resource to go to that would have told me about all of the pitfalls to look out for in owning a business. It definitely would not have persuaded me not to go into business, but it would have opened my eyes in advance to all of the sand traps and hurdles along the way. If I had such a resource I would have had a much more successful journey.

Here are the critical things that you need to know when starting a business and that you are going to learn from my E-book:

• What type of commitment are you making when you decide you want to start a business?

• What is the most important factor when starting a business? If you do not pay attention to this one factor you are very likely to fail.

• What you must know about going into business with a partner? What characteristics should you look for?

• What is an advisory board? Who should be on it? Should you have one?

• How to find out how much money you need and how to go and get it.

• What role does a business plan play?

• Learn about the various ways to finance your business and resources you can use.

• Understanding personal liability and how to be always on the look out for sneaky ways that you can sign personally without knowing it!

• Selecting the right entity.

• What are strategic partnerships and how they are advantageous

• What things to negotiate with Suppliers

• How to get to know your competition

• Using metrics to evaluate your business

• How to properly price your product

• Learning about the least expensive but most powerful advertising methods

• Understanding the risks associated with employees

And much much more….

When you purchase this E-book for $29.95 you also get 6 additional E-Books that teach you….

•How to solve cash flow problems

•How to start a business in an economic downturn

•How to Build Better Websites

•Marketing and Internet Marketing

•How to succeed in the Retail Business during Economic Stress

And much much more….

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